The second session of PPMA case study series seminar

MN Report 01:01 PM, 11 Aug, 2022
The second session of PPMA case study series seminar

Karachi: The second session of the PPMA Pharma case study series is being conducted by Dr Hamid Merchant regarding the “Role of Drug Development in Healthcare Delivery”. 

The session has begun with an introduction of Dr Hamid Merchant (Subject Leader in Pharmacy, University of Huddersfield) which outlined is achievements in the pharmaceutical industry and also reiterated this work in research publications. Dr Hamid is also the Deputy Editor in Chief for the British Journal of Pharmacy and Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

The session discussed the global aspect of drug delivery and a comparison is to be drawn to drug development and delivery in Pakistan. During his session, Dr Hamid suggests futuristic options to perfect the supply chain and drug delivery systems in the country. He also makes sure to mention that regardless of the suggestions, the “sky is the limit” with regards to the innovation in supply chain.

Dr Hamid, during his presentation also discusses genetic engineering with regards to vaccines and delivery of anti-viral medicines. He explains how they are constructed, he furthers the discussion mentioning the FDA approval for Ebola vaccines generated by companies such as Merck and Jhonson and Jhonson .

Relative to drug innovation in Pakistan, Dr Hamid says “What is missing in Pakistan is this innovative thinking. Rather than just competing with companies and products making the same molecules as 50 different countries. This is where ethical marketing comes in. It is difficult to survive in a market where everyone is making the same product. We need to come up with innovative ideas surrounding a product and then market it to niche market areas. Change the variety of that product and cater to different markets.”

The session is well articulated and ends with a question and answer session. The informative seminar ends with the audience receiving adequate information and discussing the aspects of public health sector for Pakistan that shall require the collaborative efforts of healthcare workers, pharmacists and researchers along with the Pakistani government.