Seven children succumb in Sahiwal hospital tragedy

12:00 PM, 10 Jun, 2024
Seven children succumb in Sahiwal hospital tragedy

SAHIWAL: A fire erupted in the children's ward of Teaching Hospital Sahiwal, according to the media reports, seven children died from smoke inhalation, and a security guard injured.
Hospital sources reported that around 74 children along with their families were unexpectedly trapped in the ward when a fire broke out. Acting swiftly, the ward staff and security guards, aided by hospital personnel and Rescue 1122 teams, courageously intervened. Despite the danger, they prioritized the safety of the children, swiftly evacuating and transferring them to the emergency room due to the incident.
According to Rescue 1122, the fire, caused by a short circuit, was swiftly brought under control with the aid of five rescue vehicles. 
The sources further confirmed that the children's ward and its belongings suffered significant damage in the fire incident, which left a security guard injured during the rescue operation.