SIUT Founder Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi honored with “2024 Humanitarian Recognition Award”

Staff Reporter 07:10 PM, 9 Feb, 2024
SIUT Founder Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi honored with “2024 Humanitarian Recognition Award”

KARACHI: The Urology Care Foundation, the official foundation of the American Urological Association, is pleased to announce Syed Adibul Hasan Rizvi as the recipient of its 2024 Humanitarian Recognition Award. This prestigious award is bestowed upon individuals who exemplify philanthropy through their dedicated commitment to humanitarian causes.

Dr. Rizvi has been honored with numerous national and international awards, including the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1998, the Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services in 2004, WHO's Shousha Prize in 2008, the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Sindh Association of North America in 2015, and the Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Medal of Distinction) Award by the President of Pakistan in 2018. His remarkable humanitarian efforts and pioneering work in transplant surgery serve as a beacon of inspiration.

Dr. Syed Adibul Hasan Rizvi, the esteemed founder and Director of the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), adds yet another accolade to his illustrious career by receiving the prestigious 2024 Humanitarian Recognition Award from the American Urological Association's Urology Care Foundation.

This esteemed recognition underscores Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi's exceptional contributions to humanity through his exemplary clinical work and unwavering dedication to providing dignified healthcare for all, free of charge. His tireless endeavors have not only revolutionized urology in Pakistan but have also left an enduring impact on the global healthcare landscape.

Dr. Rizvi's journey towards humanitarian excellence began with the establishment of SIUT in 1970, with a noble mission to address the healthcare disparities, regardless of socio-economic status. From its modest origins as an 8-bed ward, SIUT has evolved into South Asia's largest public healthcare institution, offering hope to millions.

Under Dr. Rizvi's visionary leadership, SIUT has become synonymous with compassionate care and pioneering medical breakthroughs. With an unwavering commitment to 'healthcare for all, free with dignity,' the institute provided treatment to over 3.3 million patients in 2022 alone, embodying Dr. Rizvi's ethos of selfless service.

Beyond healthcare provision, Dr. Rizvi's ethos of compassion and altruism permeates every aspect of SIUT's operations. From providing lifelong follow-up care to offering free immunosuppressive medications, his vision of holistic patient care underscores SIUT's steadfast dedication to enhancing lives.

Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi's relentless pursuit of excellence has not only transformed the healthcare landscape in Pakistan but has also set a benchmark for global humanitarian endeavors. His remarkable legacy serves as an inspiration to future generations of healthcare professionals.

The Urology Care Foundation's Humanitarian Recognition Award aims to acknowledge individuals annually for their demonstrated commitment to enhancing access to quality urologic healthcare in underserved communities and populations. Consideration is given to the nature and extent of contributions, frequency and duration of programs, positive impacts on communities, facilities or programs, and efforts towards sustainability in impoverished areas within or outside the United States.

Dr. Rizvi will be honored at the American Urological Association's Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in May 2024.