SIUT's summer volunteer program concludes

MN Report 03:00 PM, 9 Jul, 2024
SIUT's summer volunteer program concludes

KARACHI: The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SIUT) recently celebrated the conclusion of its Summer Session Volunteer Program with a certificate ceremony for Batches 58 and 59. 
The initiative, launched in 2006, aims to instill a sense of community service and civic responsibility in Pakistan's youth.
The program has become a cornerstone of educational enrichment, engaging students from diverse educational backgrounds, including grades 9, 10, first and second-year students, and O & A levels. 
To date, around 7,000 young individuals have completed the program, gaining invaluable insights and skills beyond traditional classroom learning.
The program includes comprehensive orientation sessions on SIUT’s mission of providing "Free Quality Treatment for All with Dignity & Compassion." 
Participants are exposed to various disciplines such as urology, nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, oncology, hepatogastroenterology, robotic surgery, personal hygiene, and biomedical ethics through interactive lectures and workshops.
Under the guidance of Prof. Adib Rizvi, Director & Founder of SIUT, the program emphasizes empathy and compassion, fostering an understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities. Interactive sessions with pediatric patients and first aid workshops by Hilal e Ahmer broaden students' horizons and equip them with essential skills for societal welfare.
The certificate ceremony featured speeches from volunteers, who described their experiences as life-changing. Parents and teachers praised the program for its positive influence on students, noting visible changes in their attitudes towards service and empathy. 
At the ceremony the participants were awarded certificates and tokens of appreciation, inspiring them to continue their services for the community.