GOVT-NGOs can resolve public health concerns together under PPP: CEO Green Star

Arsalan Shaikh 02:38 PM, 8 Feb, 2021

KARACHI: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Pakistan for the welfare of the people living below the poverty line have said that a variety of health issues such as malnutrition in children, iron deficiency in pregnant women, breast cancer, and children's contagious diseases could easily be overcome through 'Public-Private Partnerships – (PPP)' in Pakistan.

While on a visit to a free medical camp held at Lyari, Chief Executive Officer, Green Star NGO, Syed Azizur Rab, said that there are NGOs in good numbers in Pakistan catering to the poor and their role could be improved and enhanced under the auspices of the state institutions especially the government of Pakistan.

There is a lack of trust in public healthcare institutions by the general public in Pakistan, which could be reduced and even reversed by patronizing the works of the NGOs, said Rab, adding that the Green Star held a free medical camp at the Khadija Bibi Clinic which treated at least 1500 poor women and children. This is, in fact, a candid, clear manifestation of the trust in NGOs by the people.

Expert medical doctors at the camp examined, advised, and treated patients with breast cancer, family planning, ophthalmologic, and dermatologic disorders and diseases. All who were treated there at the camp were also provided with medicines free of cost, he added.

He said that the Green Star would continue to hold free medical camps so that the poor could be provided with free treatment and medication at their doorstep. However, this noble mission could be augmented further with the active support of the Government of Sindh because it has achieved many milestones in the public health sector. The Government of Sindh should consider this free medical scheme under the umbrella of the PPP.