Federal govt should invest in promoting healthy activities

Abid Lodhi 10:39 PM, 7 Mar, 2022
Federal govt should invest in promoting healthy activities

KARACHI:  Health Experts revealed that diabetes cases were alarmingly increasing in Pakistan compared with the rest of the world and suggested that policymakers invest in infrastructure improvement to promote healthy activities in children, which will help to counter diabetes threat in future. 

"People with diabetes, eager to fast, must consult with their doctor prior to the beginning of Ramazan and follow medical advice." Medical Experts from Diabetes Task Force and Advice Academy said while speaking to the media on 'Diabetes Management during Ramazan' organised by Sanofi Pakistan.

According to experts, fasting without following proper guidance could adversely affect the health of a person suffering from a chronic condition such as diabetes. Greater awareness and adherence to scientific guidelines on this topic will make Ramazan a safer experience for people with diabetes. 

Similarly, physicians should assess their patients' ability to fast and advise accordingly. Patients must not place themselves at risk, as the decision to fast or not should be based on medical consultation. The speakers also emphasised that following a highly individualised management plan and close follow-up is essential to avoid the development of complications.  

The panel of speakers comprised: Prof Dr A.H Aamir, Chairman Diabetes Task Force, KPK, Prof Dr Saeed A Mahar, Former President, Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES), Dr S. Abbas Raza, Executive Committee member, International Society of Endocrinology and Dr Faisal Masood Qureshi, Executive Member, Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) 

Patients may be unaware of the dangers of diabetes and the consequences of fasting for their health. It's common for people to eat and drink huge amounts of unhealthy deep-fried, fatty, and sugary foods and beverages at Iftar, which might cause health issues. If a patient is fasting, they should consult their doctor for specific advice on prescription dosage and schedule adjustments, nutrition and hydration consumption and physical activity, self-monitoring of their own blood glucose, and any symptoms that may warrant breaking the fast. During Ramadan, diabetics must test their blood sugar levels frequently and focus on a healthy diet for Sehar and Iftar.

 According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Diabetes Atlas, almost 33 million adults or one in four adults in Pakistan are living with this condition. These figures make Pakistan the 3rd highest prevalence of diabetes in the world, after China (141 million) and India (74 million). Additionally, 11 million adults in Pakistan have Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT), which places them at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Most alarming is that over a quarter (26.9%) of adults living with diabetes in Pakistan are undiagnosed. 

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