Islamabad hospitals on high alert till Feb 9 

Press Release 10:44 AM, 7 Feb, 2024
Islamabad hospitals on high alert till Feb 9 

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Health has issued a directive placing hospitals in the federal capital on high alert until February 9 in anticipation of the upcoming general elections.

As per the notification, hospitals in Islamabad have been placed on high alert ahead of the general elections, with arrangements being made to address any emergencies.

The notification further says that the directive issued by the health ministry mandates federal hospitals in Islamabad to maintain a heightened state of readiness until February 9.

The ministry has also canceled leaves for doctors, nurses, and staff employed at federal hospitals, instructing them to ensure their attendance, along with consultants, and surgeons, while chief medical officers (CMOs) have also been directed to remain on call.

Furthermore, primary healthcare facilities, including rural health centers and community health centers in Islamabad will also be on high alert from February 7 to 9.

The directive is aimed at ensuring the preparedness of the healthcare system during the electoral period, besides the availability of medical services and personnel, to address any potential health-related contingencies.