DUHS to have rehab facility for smokers

10:00 AM, 6 Jun, 2024
DUHS to have rehab facility for smokers

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jahan Ara Hasan has announced the establishment of a rehabilitation center for smoking cessation at the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases.

This initiative aims to address the alarming rise in tobacco-related deaths, which claim over 8 million lives globally each year. In Pakistan alone, tobacco use results in more than 450 deaths daily, with a growing trend among young children becoming a significant concern.

Prof. Hasan stressed the urgent need for widespread awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking during a ceremony held at the VC Board Dow Ojha Campus for the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) between DUHS and the Provincial Tobacco Control Cell Sindh (PTCC Sindh), under the Directorate General of Sindh Health Services, to combat tobacco use in the province.

Dr. Zulfiqar Dharejo, representing PTCC Sindh, said the collaboration with DUHS would greatly enhance public awareness efforts against smoking. He praised DUHS for its proactive measures, such as the implementation of an automatic smoking notification system within the hospital, which effectively discourages smoking on its premises.

At the ceremony, it was agreed that a dedicated rehabilitation center would be established at the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases to support individuals in quitting smoking. The specific details of this center will be finalized in the next meeting, as per the LOI.

Both institutions agreed to  focus on educating the public, particularly the youth, about the dangers of smoking through regular awareness campaigns.

This partnership between DUHS and PTCC Sindh represents a significant step forward in the fight against tobacco use in Sindh. The joint efforts aim to empower communities with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed health decisions, ultimately striving to create a tobacco-free future for the next generation of Pakistanis.

During the ceremony, Prof. Jahan Ara Hasan reiterated her deep concern about the health problems caused by smoking and pledged full support for the initiative. She underscored the importance of the rehabilitation center, which will offer counseling and support to those seeking to quit smoking.

Earlier, documents formalizing the partnership were exchanged between DUHS Registrar Dr. Ashar Afaq and Dr. Zulfiqar Dharejo of PTCC Sindh.