PIMA shocked over deduction in health providers' salaries

Dr Muattar Hanif 12:38 PM, 6 Apr, 2020
KARACHI: The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) recently expressed concern over the 10% deduction in the salaries of healthcare providers by the Sindh government.

In a recently issued statement, it was noted that healthcare providers are fighting on the frontline against the coronavirus. The Punjab government had announced an additional one-month salary for them, but the Sindh government was doing the exact opposite of it.

The PIMA stressed on the provision of basic PPE in primary and secondary healthcare facilities where doctors were working without even basic protection. Although the PIMA, along with other NGOs such as the Al-Khidmat Foundation and Dua Foundation, is trying its level best to fulfill the basic needs of healthcare providers, in the current scenario, the demand is enormous, and only the state can cope with it, the PIMA noted.

The PIMA emphasized that saluting them for their services is simply not enough. It is the state's responsibility to protect its frontline fighters. However, it seems that the red tape is still obstructing the supply of mandatory items, even in this situation of national emergency.

The PIMA also condemned private hospitals and medical centers that are deducting the salaries of their staff with the excuse of reduced workload and income. Private healthcare facilities should avoid such an indecent policy in this hour of need and subject their poor employees to a greater financial burden. The PIMA urged the government to take strict notice of such practices.

The PIMA also appealed to the nation to stay at home and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary.

-MN Report