AKU lauded for rapid mobilization of resources, efforts in flood-affected areas

MN Report 02:13 PM, 5 Oct, 2022
AKU lauded for rapid mobilization of resources, efforts in flood-affected areas

KARACHI: Azra Pechuho, Sindh's Minister of Health and Population Welfare, has acknowledged Aga Khan University's efforts to treat 300,000 individuals and provide Rs 143 million worth of pharmaceuticals across 42 districts in Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Punjab.

Azra Pechuho, speaking at an event organized by the AKU Flood Response Task Force, praised Aga Khan University's rapid mobilization of resources and participation in the government's assistance efforts in flood-affected areas.

Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin, president of AKU, praised the relief efforts of the government and public-private entities. He stated that AKU is always at the forefront whenever the country requires its services as a national asset. He added that our teams have collaborated with the federal and provincial governments, local authorities, and other Aga Khan Development Network institutions to reach out to needy individuals.

Dr Adil Haider, Dean of the AKU Medical College, and Dr Shahid Shafi, Chief Executive Officer of the Aga Khan University Hospital, provided a summary of the University's activities and presented certificates of recognition to the teams.

Eighty thousand women of reproductive age, including eight thousand pregnant women and seventy thousand children under the age of five, were among the 300,000 individuals that attended AKU camps. 
Over 40,000 youngsters were vaccinated routinely.

Most AKU camp patients suffer from diarrhoea, dehydration, respiratory illnesses, malaria, dengue, and skin issues.

In addition, the task force is organizing free capacity-building sessions for healthcare personnel serving in impacted areas, which are attended by nearly 5,000 individuals from around the nation.

AKU's healthcare camps and distribution of medications and healthcare-related materials are financed by donations from benevolent donors and contributions from the teachers, staff, students, and supporters of the University.