DUHS takes necessary action for its students and corona patients

Dr Muattar Hanif 12:50 PM, 4 Jun, 2020
KARACHI: The Vice-Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), Prof Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, in a recent address, lauded the Government of Sindh for its support to the DUHS in the treatment of coronavirus patients in the region. For this purpose, the Sindh Government handed over a hospital at Nipa Chorangi to us as well. The hospital has a capacity of 200 patients, 16 ICUs, and 64 beds with central AC. The preparations being made at the hospital is expected to be completed within the next six months.

He said the first case of the coronavirus was reported in Pakistan in the last week of February. At the same time, major administrative changes began at the DUHS. We successfully launched online classes to protect our students from the coronavirus, so our faculty members made the necessary changes in the course. We arranged our students’ exams online, and facilitated students participating in supplementary exams to give their exams online, added Prof Saeed.

He said that Faisal Ghani arranged many module levels for the students of MBBS, BDS, IMT, and other courses. He said we also had some trouble getting to this stage because some students were not very skilled at using computers, but we solved these minor inconveniences.

From day one, we set up a separate 48-bed ward for coronavirus patients. Unfortunately, the mortality rate due to the corona has been on the rise in Pakistan. We have taken many steps to save the lives of corona patients, he added.

We ordered coronavirus testing kits from South Korea for testing in early February. In the beginning, 5% positive cases were reported, while within a few days, the ratio had risen to 40%. There is not much difference between the symptoms of Wuhan’s coronavirus patients and the patients here. We have provided excellent treatment facilities to corona patients in Pakistan, noted Prof Saeed.

He said that the Dow University of Health Sciences already developed an immunoglobulin for the treatment of corona patients and is now conducting clinical trials. Soon it will be available for corona patients. He said it would be a safer and more successful treatment option as compared to plasma therapy. We are also working on an anti-facial intelligence system, in which we will be able to test corona patients with the help of cough, Prof Saeed concluded.

-MN Report