Gaza medical, dental students allowed to continue studies in Pakistan

12:00 PM, 4 Jul, 2024
Gaza medical, dental students allowed to continue studies in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Medical and dental students from Gaza have been allowed to continue their studies in Pakistan by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), considering the challenging circumstances in their home country due to Israeli forces' barbaric attacks.
The decision, made in response to a request from the Pakistani High Commissioner in London, aims to provide Gaza students with uninterrupted medical education on humanitarian grounds. This initiative will enable them to pursue their academic journey in a stable and resourceful environment, ultimately contributing to Gaza's healthcare sector upon their return.
While PMDC regulations typically do not permit clinical rotations for foreign students, a special arrangement has been made for Gaza students. They will be accommodated in batches of 20-30, totaling approximately 100 students, in Pakistani medical colleges and affiliated teaching hospitals in the public sector.
A committee chaired by the PMDC president, along with council members and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NHSR&C, will oversee the smooth integration of these students into Pakistan's medical education system over the coming years.
The PMDC president emphasized that this decision reflects Pakistan's commitment to humanitarian aid, particularly during crises such as the current situation in Gaza
The initiative aims to provide Gaza students with access to well-equipped educational facilities, enhancing their learning experience beyond what is currently feasible in Gaza due to ongoing conflicts and resource limitations.
Acquiring medical education in Pakistan will equip Gaza students with specialized skills in various medical fields, including cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, pediatrics, and surgery. These skills will be crucial for addressing the healthcare needs in Gaza upon their return.
This educational exchange is also expected to promote international collaboration and strengthen diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Palestine, demonstrating Pakistan's support for the educational development and resilience of nations affected by conflict and instability.
By offering this opportunity, PMDC and Pakistan aim to empower Gaza students to contribute meaningfully to their communities and healthcare systems, aligning with PMDC's high standards of education and humanitarian principles.