Abbasi Shaheed Hospital struggles with acute shortage of life-saving drugs

12:00 PM, 3 Jul, 2024
Abbasi Shaheed Hospital struggles with acute shortage of life-saving drugs

Karachi: Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH), which has long been grappling with severe shortages of essential medicines and staff, has finally received a ray of hope with significant support on the horizon. Despite facing challenges for several years, recent developments suggest a positive turn for this crucial healthcare facility in Karachi.

ASH, which attends to an average of 1100 patients daily, has been operating with only half of its required staff capacity, resulting in immense strain on its resources. Furthermore, shortages of life-saving drugs have compounded the difficulties faced by both patients and medical personnel.

According to sources within the hospital, this year's allocation of Rs 898,000 for medicines fell far short of the estimated requirement of over 190 million. Additionally, out of the 154 posts for resident medical officers, a staggering 65 positions remained vacant, further exacerbating the strain on the hospital's operations. Similarly, with only 93 nurses available for 200 nursing posts, the challenges in providing adequate care have been substantial.

In light of these critical shortages, the Director of ASH, Dr. Faisal, highlighted the urgent need for additional resources and personnel, noting that no significant recruitment had taken place since 2012.

However, amidst these challenges, there is now cause for optimism. Recent government announcements indicate a substantial increase in funding and support for ASH. A spokesperson for the Health Ministry confirmed that an emergency allocation of Rs 100 million has been approved to address the immediate shortage of medicines at ASH. This allocation marks a significant step towards ensuring that patients receive the vital treatments they urgently require.

Furthermore, plans are underway to initiate a recruitment drive aimed at filling vacant medical and nursing positions. This initiative is expected to alleviate the strain on existing staff and improve patient care standards at the hospital.

In response to these developments, Dr. Faisal expressed cautious optimism, stating, "This infusion of funds and upcoming recruitment drive are welcome steps towards revitalizing our healthcare services. We are hopeful that these measures will significantly improve our ability to provide quality care to our patients."

The community and patients alike have welcomed these developments, expressing relief that their concerns have been heard and addressed by the authorities.

With these promising steps towards recovery, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is poised to overcome its challenges and continue serving the healthcare needs of Karachi with renewed vigor and enhanced capabilities.