WHO warns of 77pc surge in cancer cases by 2050

Press Release 10:23 AM, 1 Feb, 2024
WHO warns of 77pc surge in cancer cases by 2050

GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a stark warning, predicting a significant 77pc rise in new cancer cases by the year 2050 compared to statistics from 2022, mainly because of consumption of alcohol, smoking, obesity and environmental pollution.

The alarming report released by WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

says that while approximately 20 million cancer cases were diagnosed in 2022, this figure could surpass 35 million by 2050 if current trends persist.

According to WHO, smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity are identified as the primary risk factors for cancer, with air pollution also emerging as a significant contributor to the disease's proliferation.

The WHO report suggests that developed countries will witness the most substantial increase in cancer cases, with an estimated additional 4.8 million cases anticipated by 2050.

Furthermore, the report emphasizes that low-income countries will be disproportionately affected, with a projected 142pc rise in cancer cases rates. Developing countries are also expected to see a staggering 99pc increase in cancer rates.

Alarmingly, WHO projects that global cancer-related deaths will nearly double by 2050 if preventive measures are not implemented swiftly and effectively.