PMA concerned over surge in poliovirus cases 

03:00 PM, 13 May, 2024
PMA concerned over surge in poliovirus cases 

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) expresses grave concern over the alarming surge in poliovirus cases in the country in the backdrop of recent reports showing a rise in polio cases across 38 districts.

PMA says polio, a highly contagious viral disease, predominantly affects young children and can result in paralysis or fatalities. Despite ongoing efforts, Pakistan continues to grapple with outbreaks due to various challenges, including vaccination issues and cross-border transmission.

The PMA called for securing borders to thwart the ingress of the poliovirus from neighboring countries where it remains endemic. Strengthening border controls and ensuring vaccination of all travelers against polio are crucial measures to safeguard the health and well-being of the people, it added.

The PMA urges authorities to enforce stringent controls and mechanisms to forestall the importation of the virus into the country. It also stressed the need for maintaining high vaccination coverage within Pakistan for polio eradication.

It says that community awareness campaigns, enhanced surveillance, and synergy between healthcare providers and authorities are indispensable to confront the persistent menace of polio nationwide.

As a leading advocate for healthcare, the PMA remains committed to safeguarding public health and advancing disease prevention initiatives. The PMA stands prepared to collaborate with all stakeholders in the crusade against polio.